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Hey there busy Public Relations people!

I know your job is tough, and you don’t have time to dink around, so I want to help.

The essence of me in one sentence:
I use humor and eye-blinding enthusiasm to connect, teach and guide others.

What this blog is about:
I believe most people want to cook at home, but may have convinced themselves (or been convinced by others) it’s too hard. I’m here to help, to encourage, educate and even make them smile. Home cooking is easier than they think, and can be done with good food and a little know-how. And yes, it can be FUN.

Things I LOVE:
High quality kitchen tools and appliances (electric or not), delicious food with recognizable ingredients, ethnic foods appropriate to the home kitchen, farmer or local markets, artisan products, coffee, tea, chocolate, whole food ingredients, and travel.

Stuff I’d rather live without:
Highly processed foods, whether it’s cooking in my kitchen, or eating out.

I’m open.
I am open to working with brands, corporations, and companies, and my readers love to hear opinions and positive experiences. I’m very selective, so the product or service should be relevant to this audience, and something I would use personally. If your product isn’t related to food or kitchen goings on, I wish you all the best, but baby clothes and fast food chains aren’t appropriate here, K?

My experience:
I’m currently a Brand Ambassador for Evernote and California Giant Berry. I’ve also worked with companies like Toshiba in the past.

I regularly appear on a local television morning show segment, produced my own podcasts, spoken at live national conferences, appear regularly on a really fun local food-based radio show (Simple Kitchen with Missy Maki), and had the pleasure of appearing on Martha Stewart Radio. {I LOVE radio and podcasts!}

Check out my shows on YouTube:

Spoon And Saucer
Conversations & Situations

If you have a minute more…
If you have a minute or two, you can read about why I started this blog in the first place right here.

Want to chat?
I’d love to hear about your product if you think it’s a good fit. Let’s talk! Here’s where you can find me:

Brandie Kajino
Ph: 360-907-6485
Or use my Contact Page here

Media Credits:
Seen in Oregonian's FoodDay
On KPAM860's Simple Kitchen
As Seen On:
Spoon and Saucer on Foodgawker
spoon and saucer on tastespotting
Spoon and Saucer Portland restaurants

I'm the Evernote Organization Ambassador
Mom It Forward Blog Network
California Giant & Spoon And Saucer