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Bon Appetit + Hashcapade + Friends = Thanksgiving Leftover Hash

This last weekend was crazy! I’m so excited about Thanksgiving this week. Can you believe it?! I’m so very much looking forward to leftovers, even more, after this weekend.

Two words: Leftover Hash.

Now, you may remember my crazy pal, Clark from Hashcapades.com. We’ve had some shenanigans in my kitchen before, and we brought it back to play with some Thanksgiving leftovers… and some yummy holiday drinks. And LOTS of laughing and silliness. We also brought along our two friends (who happen to be married), Cory & Mary (who were a little camera shyish.) Such are the good times we have when Hashcapades, Spoon & Saucer and friends get together. It’s really a shame you cannot witness the variety of accents we can belt out in a two hour period. We really must video these parties sometime…

The setup:

We all made a dish or two for our “Pre-Thanksgiving”, which would make their way into some hash. These things on their own were delicious. There may have been some sneaking of bites here and there. I’m SURE I don’t know who that was. Kinda.

Thanksgiving Leftover Hashcapade

What I made:

Mini Herbed Pommes Anna (aka mini mounds of potatoes with herbs and lotsa buttah)
I followed this awesome Bon Appetit recipe, with one small change. The recipe calls for “parchment rounds”. I don’t have any, and wasn’t about to cut any. It was a crazy busy day. BUT, guess what I DID have? Paper cupcake liners, which is so convenient, as they are circles, and will fit in a muffin tin, which is where we start cooking the potatoes. Then we turn them over, uncover them and roast them to crisp up the edges:

Pommes Anna

Then they come out looking like this:

Pommes Anna Baking

Um. They were DELISH. Imagine small potato slices, bathed in butter and herbs, and crisped to a state that should be illegal. They are lucky they made it to the hash. I will make them again. Soon.

So, we (and by that I mean Clark, aka Hashcapades Guy) mixed up a batch o’ hash. This one was the masterpiece… Teach me oh wise one… or hand me a fork. Whatever.

Thanksgiving Leftover Hash

What’s in it? Cranberry sauce, cranberry apple butter (made by me from here), creme fraiche, my potatoes (Mini Herbed Pommes Anna), sous vide turkey breast (Clark talks about how he did it here), Brussels Sprouts with Shallots & Salt Pork (the sprouts and I are now engaging in a torrid love affair), Chanterelle mushrooms (ditto… I’m reminded of our deep affection for each other).

After this masterpiece, Clark mixed up said ingredients and made a sort of cold salad mixture. Oh my goodness. I didn’t get a picture, as I was too busy shovelling it in my pie hole. Speaking of pie hole…

Cashew Coconut Chocolate Tart

Can you say, Cashew-Coconut Tart with Chocolate Crust” without passing out? I’m not sure I can put into words how amaze balls this was. Thanks to Cory and Mary for bringing this + sprouts and root veggies. I have the BEST friends. Seriously.

Some other random action shots (I really must get a camera besides my phone)…

Clark hashing it up

“See that there? That’s a big knife and hunka turkey. We’re about to get medieval on it…” (The one on the right is my hubby. Isn’t he cute? He’s soooo hungry…)

Clark showing how it's done

What will we do next?

Who knows… but here’s a peek at our planning session… or something.

Hashcapades shenanigans!

Be sure to check out Clark’s post for more photos, drink recipes and overall silliness!

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