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Watermelon Juice: My One Ingredient Epiphany

Have I mentioned I have a juicer? Yeah, I do. It got some badly needed love from me recently. And I had an epiphany.

Watermelon Juice

A while back, I watched the movie, “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead”. Have you seen this movie? Well, it started a bing-watching frenzy about fresh food and juicing. I was completely amazed how some of these people’s lives had been turned around by juicing. Food is medicine! Juicing was a catalyst for them to treat themselves better.

Small package, lotsa stuff.

The thing that started me thinking about fresh juices was their crazy amounts of nutrition in a small glass. All the vitamins, concentrated in a delicious mixture of luscious liquid yummy-ness. (Yes, that’s a word.) When I’m out and about, I’ve been known to drink fresh squeezed juices for a meal. It’s easy, tides me over, and gosh darn it, I just feel good drinking it!

So, when Williams-Sonoma reached out and asked me to participate in their Juice Week, it started me thinking…

My poor juicer has sat neglected for most of the summer. Poor, poor thing. I MUST be blind. No really. Here are some of the things to be seen at my farmers’s market:

Berry stand
Market stand

The thing is… juicing can seem a little daunting. There is the machine, and all the produce. I’m not sure I’m the type that would go for making all the juices by hand for fasting. (But hey, who knows?) I think this is what kept me away for a while. Lame, I know.

Then it dawned on me.

“It’s easier than you think.” Right?! So, maybe my juicer had sat there unloved because I was overcomplicating things. So, ya’ll, I took out that bad boy, and looked around my kitchen. What did I have on hand? What did I love to EAT? Kids, that watermelon was staring me in the face.

Then it happened.

I juiced the watermelon, and I’m not even joking: it was perhaps the BEST juice I’ve turned out. EVER. I was following recipes, and trying to get the proportions right. Then, I just cracked open one of my favorite fruits and ran it thru. DELISH. Bam! One ingredient.

Here’s the recipe:

Watermelon Juice
One ingredient, crazy delicious.
Recipe type: Beverage
  • Watermelon
  1. Cut open your watermelon, cut the skin off.
  2. Cut the bright pink-y red inside into chunks.
  3. Put it into the juicer, following the instructions of your machine.
  4. Drink.


See how easy? It doesn’t have to be a big ordeal. I’m not going to say angels were singing when I made my watermelon juice, but… well, maybe I did hear some angelic voices… I was glad I took my own “it’s easier than you think” advice. *slurp*

Fresh + ripe = keys to good food.

The great part about juicing is you can see how much juice you have as you are making it. I’m not a huge fan of making lots and storing it in the fridge. I usually make it, and drink it right away.

Clean is next to… well, godliness. And very FAR away from food poisoning. (Which is, in fact, the devil.)

Make the fruit or veg clean (super clean!), and put it in there. It’s beyond important that whatever you juice is something you: 1) like and 2) it’s perfectly ripe. This is a pretty general rule on anything you make, cook, bake, and yes, juice. The best food makes the best food. It’s really that simple.

Do you juice? What’s your favorite thing to make?


Ginger Henderson

Okay you may of convinced me to take my juicer out of the box; the box that has never been opened in my pantry from last Christmas. Shame on me!

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