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Going Veg: The Good, Bad and All The Rants

It’s been nearly two months, and there are some things I must share. And vent about.

Yeah, so I’ve been trying on this “more plants, less moo” thing for about two months. I have to say there are some good things, and some bad things.

So, let’s don our rose colored glasses, and talk about the good stuff first.

The Good.

1. Everything’s coming out ok.
If I have to explain this, well… the porcelain god and I have become very close. We spend some quality time together, in a good way. When you’ve had mud butt for a very long time (yes, TMI, but this is MY blog), this is a welcome change. Things are vastly improved in this area. Also? I need new industrial strength toilets. Or an live-in plumber.

2. Wayyyyyyy less heartburn. Ok, almost none.
That’s what I’m calling it. I’m sure there’s a cardiologist out there who may call it something else, but I’m neither confirming or denying such an unpleasant thing has happened. No longer. WIN.

3. I feel lighter.
This might well be due to #1. Or #2.

4. My plate and fridge are bursting with color.
That might be a small thing, but it’s a beautiful thing when I open the fridge door. Maybe because I have zero talent at drawing or painting. This is the only art I can make: what’s on the plate. This makes me so very happy.

5. Losing weight is so easy it’s not even cool.
So, WHY did no one tell me this?! I’ve not tracked a THING except (mostly) leaving out animal products. No really. And down like 6 pounds. Do you know how hard I’ve had to FIGHT to lose that much weight in the past? Don’t get me started. Um, good-bye obsessive food tracking. And good riddance.

6. I had no idea how amazingly delicious this way of eating could be.
I’ve found some jewels of eating out. I have no earthly clue how they create the things they do. I’m in awe. I’m a bit jealous, but I suppose I will learn.

7. Dairy-free is easier than you think.
I remember this when I went dairy-free in the past. So I’m dense. At least I remembered what I learned the first time around, and it all came flooding back. The best news is, there are even better alternatives these days. So.much.easier!

The Bad & The Rants.

1. I HATE fake hot dogs.
This public proclamation may cost me, and that’s ok. The thing is, fake hot dogs suck big time. And that’s being nice. They taste like plastic food. And that’s being nice again, which they don’t deserve. Yes, I’ve tried various kinds. I’m not a fan. When I want a hot dog (which is about 2 times a year), I will just eat a real one.

2. (Most) fake meat = lots and LOTS of gluten.
Yeah, no thanks. Also, see #1.

3. There’s lots of “vegan” processed junk food.
And it’s not real food. Those evil corn chips are delicious, as are french fries. But kids, if one proclaims to be vegan, and remains quite large width-wise, you’re not doing it right. Just because diet soda and that pastry aren’t made with animal products doesn’t mean they are fair game. Just sayin’. (Send in the hate mail if you wish, but this is just as much a reminder for myself.)

4. I HATE fake hot dogs.
This bears repeating. Seriously. I cannot say it enough.

5. People quoting questionable (fake?) science.
Warning: Wild venting ahead…
Please stop telling me that a certain oil is the answer to my prayers, and it cures everything. It has its place, but let’s get some healthy perspective. And really? Stop telling me our ancestors ate meat all the time. They didn’t. They ate it rarely because they had to hunt it down, and this was no small task. Plant life was much easier to come by. Ever picked an apple? Not so death defying. Also, carbs are not the devil. Seriously, can we just get over this? Downing half a loaf of fluffy white bread everyday is bad. Eating a slice or two of whole grain bread is not. Do the research. Ask or read about it from someone who knows. I did.

6. Nausea is the devil.
I discovered early on that I was getting really, really, REALLY nauseous at times. You know what I figured out? I wasn’t eating enough. Ok, back the truck up – WHAT?! I know, it sounds insane (even to me) that I wasn’t eating enough. I love to eat! When you eat mostly plants, it goes through your body quicker. I’ve become better at snacking, and recognizing when that feeling is coming on. Ya know, before I’m holding the airsick bag, praying for the friggin’ plane to land already, so I don’t blow chunks on my seat mate. (True story.)

7. Food disasters happen.
Like the “mac & cheese”, fake cheese grilled sandwiches… *shudders* I’d rather forget them. My family rocks, and has endured it all. I’m going to make them cupcakes. Or something.

More thoughts….

This has been a really interesting couple of months for me. I promised myself I would have bloodwork done after three months. That time is quickly approaching. I would be lying if I didn’t say I was a little nervous. Ok, a lot nervous. What if all this was for nothing? What if it turns out it doesn’t work? What if….


I hesitated to write this post. I really did. Those rants up there might offend some. The thing is, I’ve had some really (and I mean REALLY) weird conversations about food lately, and I’m a little weary. I’m all good to let people live their lives, but some of the ill-informed things people say are half-truths wrapped in bacon with a side of conflicting interests. If this is offending you… well, tough. I say fresh food works best for me. Period.

Venting? Yes.

I’ve held this in guys. I really, really have. This blog is about my journey with real food, making it at home, and eating it wherever I find it. I can only do that if I’m around to enjoy it, and I’d like to take my spouse and son along for the ride. So this is MY story, MY path. Is it perfect? No. Are there twists and turns? Yes. Do I know it all? Um, clearly I do not. I’ve never claimed to.

This blog is technically a food blog, yes. I share recipes and foodgasms, yes. But I wonder if just maybe, I’m not sharing enough of my thoughts, my perspectives, and my observations? I will do better to open my head a little more. It feels liberating just to write that. As someone somewhere said, I’m “telling my truth”.


There are people I respect, doing their best to inform us. I am grateful for their thoughts, information, expertise, and guidance – even if they are not aware of it, or even know who I am. I’m hoping I’m on a little bit brighter path now. (Is there a whole plant-based food nutrition program I’m unaware of?)

For all of these things, I’m grateful. Thank you.

Nothing says friendship like a little push.

I’m also grateful for the proper arse-kicking I’ve received recently from those who know me, and care enough to say things out loud. They know who they are. I wouldn’t have written this post without their prodding and plain-spoken observations. So to them I say, thank you, and consider my freak flag unfurling, and looking for the wind to pick up.

I’m sure some won’t like this post, and that’s ok. We can agree to disagree on the points I’ve made here. I’d invite you to leave a comment, and keep the conversation going…



Highly recommend Field Roast brand sausages in the apple/sage flavor. I promise you it is nothing like a vegetarian hot dog, but you can eat like with a bun if you’re so inclined.

Brandie Kajino

Thanks so much Mahriah. The thing is, that brand has vital wheat gluten as one of the top ingredients. Gluten = no go for me. I’m sad, because I had heard great things about them!


I love this blog. I appreciate your Rhubbarb Tea recipe and many others. What about that home made (ketchup) with basalmic vinigar, it’s the bomb. Good bye red tomato suace from those other guys.


Thanks for your authentic honesty – so refreshing. And funny.

Natalie Calder

You are a great writer. It’s been a while since I laughed out loud while reading anything!

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