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Unprocessed Challenge 2012 – Update #2

As I’m doing this whole Unprocessed Challenge, there’s that inevitable thought of “what the heck can I make?” I’ve rounded up some recipes I like, and some I find intriguing. I’ve also included some experiences I’ve had over the last week as well. And a small rant.

October Unprocessed 2012

Here’s some highlights of the food we ate, along with some recipe links:

I was craving ice cream, but wondered if I could make it with honey. Oh yes we can…

Orangette makes that happen:

This goes well with figs, my personal obsession for the week…

Honey Ice Cream with Figs Drizzled with Balsamic Vinegar

Also, this moist looking cake sweetend with honey is lighting my fire (I’ve yet to make it, but I will!):

I found the above recipes from this post from David Lebovitz:

Tonight, I had some pizza dough that needed to be used, and I happened to have some unprocessed hot dogs (yes, it’s possible) I had purchased which also needed to be used. So, we wrapped that pizza dough around those dogs….

Hot Dogs Wrapped in Pizza Dough

(Yeah, mine were not so pretty, but they tasted good!)
… and I made my own ketchup!! SO EASY!! It starts with tomato paste, which I have hopes of making next year for myself. This ketchup even passed the kiddo test. Yay! (One note: I added a bit of molasses, and a tiny bit more honey. I will post on this in more detail at a later date).

Look Ma! I made ketchup!

Look for the Tomato Paste Ketchup (it was the taste test winner.)

I’m loving the idea of a maple syrup sweetened ice cream:

Lastly, I am intrigued with this pumpkin pie ice cream made with coconut milk:

We have a swim team party tonight for Halloween, so I made these Pesto Dinner Rolls. LOVE THEM. (I’ve made them before, and a recipe with my twist on it is coming soon.)

Things I’m reading:

Some things you should know:
We are still taking a little liberty on the weekend. I had some cheesecake over the weekend. A tiny little sliver, and oh baby, it was good. I am inspired to make it from scratch, and with honey. Come to mama.

We also attended my sweet niece’s birthday party. We had cake, and some ice cream, and a lovely time.

Sassy Sidebar Rant:
I hate it when someone comes over, and you offer them food, and they have some lame excuse… “Sorry dude, I don’t eat frosted death on any day, so keep that to yourself,” or “Um, is this made with pastured eggs? Because that’s all I put in my body.” Puh-lease, if you are invited over, and people offer you food (unless it’s uranium cakes frosted with weed killer), just say THANK YOU. Food connects us to each other, and chances are, when you’re offered something at someone’s house, they put a lot of thought and work into that event. Whether it’s bought or made from scratch, there’s thought and caring in it. So eat the damned cake, or politely say “no”. And use your manners. K?

We did eat out a couple times.
We choose a local burger joint that prides itself on local food, sustainable practices, and real food. Oh yeah, it was tasty. We also ate at a local french style bakery. They make almost everything from scratch (and even have cage free eggs!) We had a lovely time.

I love ramen!

We also tried out a Japanese place my husband and I had been intending to visit for over a year. It was well worth the wait. Oh joyous day that I find a decent bowl of ramen within an hour of my house. *contented sigh*

Couple things I’m not sure on:
We’ve been drinking sparkling mineral water (unsweetened). Could we make this at home? Is this unprocessed? Um, I’m honesty not sure, but I’ve left it alone. We drink it on occasion, also with a splash of juice in it, over ice. YUM.

UPDATE: I found this handy article on EatingRules.com about beverages. Sparkling water (without funky additives) is IN!

I’m in LOVE with figs. LOVE. I’ve been eating them with mascarpone cheese. I’d love to find a good unprocessed brand. The one I have is a bit marginal (I think. Anyone?) I’ll use it up, but next time I put mascarpone in my basket, I’m looking harder for something else. (Italian grocery has this? Who knows.)

Figs and mascarpone



I love your sassy sidebar rant. I agree and never want to be “that girl.” That’s why one of my deliberate exceptions for the unprocessed month was meals with family/friends/clients where it was going to create an uncomfortable situation. My other one was if I eat out, it’ll be at a locally owned restaurant. I own a business and supporting my fellow business owners is just as important to me as eating real food.


I frequently have the opposite rant when if I don’t want food that is offered and I politely say ‘no thank you’ and the offerer keeps pushing it at me saying ‘just a little won’t hurt’ or ‘go on, you know you want to’. If something is politely refused then that should be accepted without having to give justification. An offer of any food item should not put a person under an obligation to accept and eat it.

Food provided by other people is one of my exceptions for October Unprocessed, so I’ve not turned down offers of food for that reason. I will however, not accept an offer of cake because I’m on a gluten-free diet for my health. So I’m afraid I might be “that girl”!

I drink sparkling water – I have a soda stream so fizz it myself at home.

Also, I’ve seen some instructions somewhere for making your own marscarpone – it looked fairly simple but I’ve not given it a go yet. If I can track back and find where it was I’ll come and let you know.


Liz, I think this is a really good point. Food allergies are not something I live with, so thank you so much for bringing it up. I also hate it when you say “no”, and people make you feel guilty about not taking it.
I just really HATE when there is sermon about how crummy the cook’s food choices are because they aren’t the recipient’s choices. Allergies and food intolerances aside, of course. (Milk and I have a somewhat contentious relationship 😉
(I’ve updated my rant to include “say no”.)


Also, I would LOVE that tip on making mascarpone cheese when/if you find it. I’m intrigued. Thank you!


I love that! I am also a believer in local (or at least) regional places. It’s not always possible, but man, there are a LOT of great places to be found out there!


These recipes look great! And I love that it’s fig season. Where are you buying them? I saw them over the weekend but they were outrageous! And I truly love them, as do my kids.


I found them at New Seasons and also at Chucks here in Vancouver. So yummy!!

Debi at Life Currents

Thanks for the linky love to my ketchup! It’s so easy and quick that I make it all the time. You might also enjoy my pizza sauce. It’s made with tomato paste as well & it’s super easy! Thanks again! Have a wonderful week!

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