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Treats For The Dads & A Father’s Day Memory

Happy Father’s Day to all, especially those in my life. My Dads may not all be in the house this Father’s Day, but I’ve cooked for them over the years. There was even a bun in the oven once. Which reminds me of a story…

Happy Father's Day!

My Dad

I’m one of the lucky ones. I have a dad who is loving, told a bad joke now and then (still does!), and is still a phone call away. He is also sweet, and gave me a corsage one year in middle school, since I didn’t have a date to the dance. That’s the kinda guy he is.

My dad’s got a wicked sweet tooth, and he loooooooves dessert. One thing we “girls” have made for him is his favorite, Cherry Chip Cake. You know the one in the box? He loves that stuff (frankly, so did I). Right now my dad lives pretty far away (think 24 hours by train to somewhere planes don’t fly). If he was closer this weekend, I’d be making him something like this (sorry, no box, this is Cherry Chip 2.0, and it’s “Delicious Daddy!”):

Cherry Chip Cake with Fluffy Frosting (Taste & Tell Blog)

My Stepdad

I have another dad in my life, my stepdad, and he’s pretty special to us. He’s helped us do more things around the house than I can name, and he always seems happy to do it. We’re so thankful!

He’s more of a salty-flavor kinda guy, and is so fun to cook for. He makes me feel like a celebrity chef! He’s a little closer to us, and I’ve made this for him before, with good reviews. So this is what I would make for him.

How to Make a Frittata (The Kitchn)

My Husband, and father to our awesome boy

Last, and NOT least is my husband.

Happy Father’s Day… Cuz you’re about to be one.

This year marks the 12th time I will be giving my husband a Father’s Day card. Twelve years ago, I was feeling like I had the flu. The kind that makes you wonder why viruses were invented. Or spread. Or whatever. I couldn’t think straight I was so ill. I took LOTS of cold meds (it’s a wonder my child is able to string full sentences together.) Then, I had the idea to take a pregnancy test.

By myself.
In the bathroom of our new home.
Not a soul around.

My husband was already at work, and I was supposed to head in. I thought I would EXPLODE from the news, but I didn’t want to lamely tell him at work. This is the biggest news EVER. Not something you just call up and tell him over the office phone line, like ordering lunch for the office. Or lightly mention over the cubicle wall. Not a chance.

With this news firmly buried as deep as it would go, I drove my puking pregnant self to the office and laid on the cool bathroom floor tiles. Pretty much all day. My girlfriend (in the next cubicle) kept asking me if I was pregnant, and I (somewhat) convincingly lied to her. There was NO WAY I was telling anyone else before my husband.

The coming weekend was Father’s Day, and a card seemed like the perfect way to break this life-altering news. Sometime between sessions of bowing to the porcelain gods, I drug my nauseated carcass into the store to buy a card. As it’s unlikely I had an ounce of nutrition or fluid in my body, it’s a small Father’s Day miracle I didn’t pass out in the greeting card aisle. (“Cleanup on aisle 2!”)

I successfully waited until we were home from work to make my carefully crafted secret announcement. Without a word, I handed over the closed envelope. I searched his face for a reaction as he read the card. I’ll never forget the look on his face when he got to the inside. He reacted the way I’d hoped he would (right girls?!): Joy, smiles, and big hugs. Eight months later, he’d have the same face holding our infant son for the first time. Magical.

He’s “not a sweets guy”.

My hubby likes most anything, but swears he “doesn’t like sweet stuff” (although he adores a certain peanut-nougat-candy bar, so go figure.) *wink*

A favorite childhood treat, “Strawberry Cake”, it one he mentions often. When we travel back to Japan, I always see it in the bakeries we frequent, or in the department stores. It’s light, fresh and not too sweet. So, guess what I’m about to go whip up in the kitchen for him? Shhhh…..

Use any sponge cake recipe (two small rounds will do, I like the one in this book), and use Balsamic Strawberries inside, with whipped cream on top. (Think Strawberry Shortcake layers).

I hope you have good thoughts, memories, and if you’re lucky, spending time making both of those with the fathers in your life.

Happy Father’s Day!


Mary Cecchini

Brandie, what a great story! Thank you for sharing. It brought big smiles to my face on this day. Your recipe for balsamic strawberries reminds me of a recipe I saw in a Swiss magazine for a strawberry balsamic chutney-ish sauce that was served with a grilled steak. Yummmmmy. I might come visit you when I return to tackle my “foods I dream about but can’t get in Europe” list. Hugs 🙂

Brandie Kajino

That DOES sound good! Yum!
You’re welcome to visit anytime when you get back. 🙂

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