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What I’m Reading: Is It Thanksgiving Yet?

Thanksgiving is so close… I can almost smell the pie baking, and the turkey roasting. Is it Thanksgiving yet?

Is It Thanksgiving YET?

I don’t know about you, but Thanksgiving is absolutely my favorite holiday. We get to cook. And eat. And cook. And eat. And take a nap. And enjoy our company. That’s it. It’s a day to relax, reflect, and take time out. That other holiday with the dead pine and twinkling lights can just wait its turn. For before we deck the halls, we feast.

Last year I wrote this series, “Thanksgiving: It’s easier than you think.” As I cannot get enough of this holiday, I’m reading a fair amount. Having taken the gluten-free leap this year (more on that here), I need new information. Last year I tried this pilaf, and the boys loved it. They really aren’t mashed potato kinda guys, which is ok.

I’m also a very traditional kinda Thanksgiving girl. I don’t want Jamaican spiced cornish game hens on my table (no offense anyone). Sorry, I’m not that girl. BUT, I do like to up my game when it comes to, well, just about everything. This year, I’m focused a lot on the baking part of Thanksgiving, specifically pumpkin pie (stay tuned for that).

So, here’s what I’m reading around the interwebs about my favorite holiday of the year:

5 Links to Read Before Baking a Pie – There’s a link to a gluten-free pie crust I’m kinda jazzed about!

Cranberry Orange Breakfast Buns – Ok, so these aren’t gluten-free, but YO, they look AWESOME for those of you who can partake.

Matzo Crisp with Pear, Apple and Cranberries – This post is from The Shiksa, and tells some really interesting background on Matzo and Manischewitz. Very informative as usual.
(Are you celebrating Thanksgivukkah? What’re you making??)

6 Ways to Fancy Up Your Pies – This is cool stuff if you want to make your pies really, really purdy

Green Bean Casserole With French Fried Onions – YES, you read that right. This is totally un-icki-fied unprocessed green bean casserole. I think I just shed a tear. Of happiness. *sniff*

What are you reading up on this Thanksgiving season?


pechluck (@pechluck)

I keep looking at the calendar asking the same question. I love the holiday season not just because it’s a time to take stock and spend time with those I care about, but it’s comfort food season now! I’m obsessed browsing Pinterest for vegetarian dishes that don’t use cream or cheese or aren’t the same flavors roasted or sautéed!


I am totally making that “real food” green bean casserole!

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