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Thanksgiving: Prep Ahead of Time

It’s coming, fast as a speeding train. I’m not talking about Superman… but he is was will always be fabulous (the Christopher Reeve version). Just sayin’…

No kids, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. That means we have some things to get done, so we don’t spend the holiday in the fetal position under the table. K? The good news is there is plenty that can be done ahead of time. Besides the stocking up on the staples, there are several things you can do in the 3-5 days before the big golden-brown-turkey-coming-out-of-the-oven reveal.

Thanksgiving - It's Easier Than You Think

So here comes the last tip of the “Thanksgiving: It’s Easier Than You Think” series:

12. Prep ahead as much as possible.

What are the things you can do a few days before? Try these, and make your life simpler:

Pre-cut your ingredients: Root vegetables can be cubed and put in containers or resealable bags. Label and stash in the fridge, and they are ready to add to your recipes anytime.

Decorate: Put the flowers out, deck the halls with turkeys, press some leaves, or whatever you do. Get it done now.

Table setting with blue hydrangeas

Plan out the table. Do you need place cards? Napkins? More silverware? Another table? Flowers? Think about it now, and get what you need out, washed and ready to set out. Stack up the plates, gather the silverware and iron those napkins. Prep the table settings as much as you can, and delegating this task will be easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.

Get that bread done!

Make dishes ahead. No one said you have to make everything the day of Thanksgiving. And if the “Committee of They” did say that, tell them to SHUT IT. Make what you can a few days ahead. Pies, bread dough, cranberry sauce, side dishes, sauces, appetizers, whatever. Most good recipes give you an idea of how far in advance you can make things. Generally 3 days is a good rule, so get choppin’… or bakin’… or, well, whatever.

Pumpkin pie - make it 2-3 days ahead
Think Thanksgiving is hard? Au contraire dahling. Start at the beginning of my tips on making Thanksgiving easier.

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