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In the week or ten days before the big day, there is a lot you can do to prepare for the big day. Choppity chop and get ready. Lets make your life a little easier, shall we?

From scratch not required.

Could you make it all from scratch? Well yes, but don’t get all stressed out to do it. Remember, we want you to enjoy this holiday, not kill yourself to live up to the ideal of a tv commercial.

Thanksgiving - It's Easier Than You Think

10. Make your life easier, and know what to cut out and when.

Things you could make or buy. Ok, so realistically you cold buy the entire meal. Yes, that’s true. But, being that you are reading this here blog, and this series, I’m guessing you’re not in that camp. (This year.) So, here’s a short list of things I’d suggest buying if you’re short on time, patience or both.

If you’re not a baker: Bread, pies and pastries, breakfast items

If you have limited veggie drawer space: Dressing/stuffing, cranberry sauce, veggie dishes (green bean casserole, salad, veggie tray)

For the uber busy: everything but the turkey.

Sassy Sidebar: By the way, they have food stylists, producers, writers, lighting, make up people, editors, and assistants running around to make it all look idealic. There is madness going in behind the scenes, and a team of people to handle it. You have you and maybe a helper or two. So chill, and take the shortcuts where you can.

When you’re pressed for time, what goes on the chopping block first.

Let’s say the week before or the day of is spinning out of control, and you’re frazzled. Hey, life doesn’t take a break for holidays, I get it. So, what can you eliminate when things start to go south, fast. Don’t sweat it, and think about purchasing the items above, or getting rid of them altogether. Here’s a quick list of things that can go:

Starches: potatoes, stuffing, dressing or bread.
Blasphemy i know, but desperate times call for action. You can just as easily stuff your bird with fresh herbs and call it good. Gauge your choice on what the family likes most.

Veggie tray: Let’s be honest, no one really eats it, and it’s there to offset the certain gluttony about to take place, or filler for the leftover soup. So, cut it and grab a bag of salad and breathe easier.

Any duplicates: Mostly this is starches (see above).

If your Thanksgiving starts unravelling, make some decisions, and cut it back. Or hey, downsize in front…

Think Thanksgiving is hard? Au contraire dahling. Start at the beginning of my tips on making Thanksgiving easier.

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