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Teatime Simplicity

I love the simplicity of teatime. It’s a corner of my day to sit down for a few minutes of downtime. A simple ritual I savor.

Teatime Simplicity

I came to appreciate its simple beauty.

I was an exchange student to Japan nearly 2 decades ago. In my time there, I developed an affection for their appreciation for simplicity.  In Japan, and many other countries, drinking tea is a ritual. It’s a simple act, and one I wish more people would come to know in our mobile-phone-status-updating-frenzied-lives.

The ritual of teatime.

For most, the implements are the same:  hot water at the right temperature, carefully prepared tea leaves, tea pot and a cup. It’s the same simple ritual each time, no matter who prepares it. Heat the water to the perfect temperature, pour it over the leaves, leave it to steep, then drink slowly.

The ritual of tea dates back several thousand years, and knowing that so many people for so many years enjoy the same ritual I do deeply resonates with me. Something so simple, and yet so satisfying.

I encourage you, if you are so inclined, so indulge in a cup of tea today. Take 10 minutes (or even 5) out of your day, to enjoy something so simple, may be the break you need.




We love tea time at our home too! When my son went to montessori preschool, one of his favorite activities was tea time. He would invite another friend, and then make and serve tea. It’s one of my favorite memories from that time.


I used to get up 10 minutes before everyone else (hey, it was quiet then) and enjoy a “spot a tea”. Still enjoy my few minutes break. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

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