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Thanksgiving Decor & Table Craft Ideas

I’m not as crafty as I’d like to be, but I’m getting better. Since I’m very much in love with the Thanksgiving holiday, I am also squealing with delight over all the crafty ideas people come up with. Tablescapes, banners, and other ideas for making my favorite holiday even more meaningful and memorable. Where to start?!
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How To: Easily Chop Bell Peppers

“See this?”
“What the heck? How’d you do that?”
“You’ve never seen this trick before?”
“No! Show me!”

The other day, I had my food blogger friend Clark over to make some haschcapadalicious corned beef hash goodness in the kitchen. I love hanging out with other people in the kitchen, watching how they do what they do. I usually walk away with a new skill or some knowledge I just have to share. This was one of those times. (Squeeee!)
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Brine That Brisket, and Get Ready to Hash!

It only comes once a year. No, it’s not Christmas, but the day we call, “National Corned Beef Hash Day”. Never heard of it? Well, baby, mark your calendar for September 27th.

To celebrate, the illustrious (and quite lingually talented) Clark Haass and I are going to be cooking up some shenanigans in my kitchen this weekend. Oh, you can be sure you’ll hear all about it. There may possibly be various accents, veggies flying and laughter in the air. There’s good times to be had, but first, we must brine that brisket.
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My Lower Sugar Journey

I’ve been on a journey for about 5 months. I set out to eliminate most refined sugars from my eating habits. This was NO EASY TASK. My goal was to have no more than 15g of sugar in one day. Go ahead, go look up how much one slice of bread has. I’ll wait…

Yeah, it’s a lot to ask. 15 grams of sugar. Well, I did that. I’ve never felt better in my life. I also lost a dress size, which feels pretty ok too. 🙂
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