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What I’m Reading: Superbowl Eats Roundup

Yes, it’s here, and Americans are donning their jerseys. It’s Superbowl time. Frankly, my team (the Seahawks if you must know) isn’t playing, but this year I’ll be in the Ravens camp. Why? Because Michael Orr plays for them. Who is he? Go and get the movie, “The Blind Side” and you’ll know. *sigh*

superbowl eats roundup

Oh sure, we get together to “watch the game”, but a lot of people get together for the food. Ok maybe MOST people (granted I’m biased) are in it for the food. Ok, it’s really for the commercials. I mean, seriously, who doesn’t need a Trunk Monkey? Followed by a really good mini sausage wrapped in bacon. Hey, it’s Super Bowl, let’s live a little.

I’ve been looking around at some recipes, keeping our little gathering small-ish, as my sweet mother in law is in town, and she’s never experienced all this. Here’s some tasty potential I found:

The healthier side of the Bowl: Huffington Post asks nutritionists what they would make. Should you want to go in that direction.

Simply Recipes brings an outstanding list of awesome recipes for Superbowl.

Hot Wing Tarts (from Margaritas in the Rain) – How fun does that sound?

Brit + Co. presents a colorful palette of screen-licking-worthy roundup of snacks.

Totally fun bucket o’ beer. Ok, so it’s root beer. Super fun!

Kelly over at Just a Taste made these super cute football truffles. I’m not going to make them, but if you do, I’m totally coming over.

original photo by Triple Tri on Flickr

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