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How To: Make Your Own Dry Bread Cubes

Dry, crinkled plastic bags of old dried, flavorless bread. Is this what holiday dressing or stuffing is limited to? Ohhh no. I’ll bet you eat bread, delicious bread, throughout the year. You might even make that bread, right?

Here’s my next tip for Thanksgiving:

2. Make your own bread cubes.

There’s nothing wrong with those bags of pre-dried bread cubes, but you can make them yourself. Here’s how:

Make Your Own Dry Bread Cubes

1. Save your bread ends or left over orphan slices, and cut into cubes, all the same size-ish. They don’t have to be all one kind, or even just sandwich bread. Leftover dinner rolls or cornbread works well too. (Though it should be bread that will hold its shape.) Whatever you have, just cube it up and…
2. Place those cubes in a labelled container or freezer gallon bag, and leave it in your freezer.

3. Repeat all that until you have enough. You can do this all through the year, but I’d use them up within a year. Who knows what crazy mixture you will have? How fun is that?

Now, to use them:

1. Dry them out. Take all those cubes out of the freezer, spread them so they have a little space between them on sheet pans, and let them air dry for 24 hours or so. (Top of the fridge or kitchen cabinet is good for this, since it keeps them out of the way.)
2. Use them in your favorite stuffing or dressing recipe.

See? I told ya it was easier than you thought it would be.

Homemade bread crumbs
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