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Rhubarb Lemonade

This was the happiest experiment ever. I had some extra Rhubarb water and Lemonade leftover, but not enough of either for everyone. So, I combined them (about half of each) and had the most delicious cold drink on a sunny day. Yum!

You know summer is on it’s way when the rhubarb shows up at the market. I love that scarlet red color, don’t you? I kinda came to rhubarb a little later in life. It’s not something I remember eating growing up. But now that I have discovered it, there’s just no going back!

I made Rhubarb Water for my son a few summers ago, and he loved it! I don’t cook much with rhubarb (that should change), but we make this lovely beverage when rhubarb is available (sometimes in my freezer). Also, lemonade made at home is one of the easiest things ever when you use the recipe below. Combine the two, and you have one heck of a yummy drink! Give it a try.

Rhubarb Lemonade

Here’s what I like:

Rhubarb Water

Lemonade (easy and fast!)

Updated 5/28/2014, original post 7/2011

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