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Creamy Pumpkin-y Pasta

I’m tryin’ to be better at eating vegetables. Oh, I like plant life, but there’s some sort of mental mind block when it comes to getting more on the table that the troops will eat. (To their credit, they are getting better, and will almost eat anything I give them these days. With minimal complaining.) I also have high hopes of having a completely almost somewhat meat free meal once a week. (I also have high hopes of a bountiful veggie + herb garden. So, we’ll just dream of that for now, while I work on the whole “meatless” thing, K?)

Good things come from friends.
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Brine That Brisket, and Get Ready to Hash!

It only comes once a year. No, it’s not Christmas, but the day we call, “National Corned Beef Hash Day”. Never heard of it? Well, baby, mark your calendar for September 27th.

To celebrate, the illustrious (and quite lingually talented) Clark Haass and I are going to be cooking up some shenanigans in my kitchen this weekend. Oh, you can be sure you’ll hear all about it. There may possibly be various accents, veggies flying and laughter in the air. There’s good times to be had, but first, we must brine that brisket.
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Quiche Lorraine Recipe or “Cream & Bacon Quiche” (#CookForJulia #SundaySupper)


For me, it conjured up fear and trembling in my home kitchen, and a “yes please” when seen on a bistro menu. It’s a treat I engage in occasionally, but had never made at home. I was a-scared, kids, I’ll admit it. But when the #SundaySupper group decided to do a tribute to Julia Child, I raised my hand like an anxious schoolgirl with the right answer. Hey, what could happen? I’m happy to say, I not only surprised myself, but even got a “Mom, this is the BEST breakfast for dinner EVER.”
Oh Julia, thank you so much. {contented sigh}
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