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Real Food Holiday Picnic: 5 Things To Bring

It’s summertime, and the holiday picnics abound! If you’re looking for something easy, here’s five simple things to bring along to your summer picnic.

Real Food Holiday Picnic

If it’s the last minute, or a few days before, and you’re still scrambling, don’t worry. Here are five things that are easy to make, don’t take a lot of time, and travel well. No sweat!

Now, go enjoy your picnic!

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Simple to make, and really refreshing. Store it in a large chilled mason jar. 
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Mild and smooth, you may be fighting off other picnickers! 
The Classic BLT Sandwich
Wrapped individually, a summer staple.
Fruit Salad
Simple and fast , and full of summer fruit flavors!
Easy Cucumber Tomato Salad
Make it a little ahead of time to let the flavors really blend.

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