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Raspberry Lime Spritzer

Guys, this is the easiest drink ever. The whole family can join in, and it takes just a few minutes to make. Raspberry Lime Spritzer is a refreshing sip of summer.

Raspberry Lime Spritzer

This time of year, the berries are in full swing. And in my mouth. And in my glass. And in shortcake. Or wherever I want them. Kids, summer berries are my favorite thing right now. They are abundant, and I swear they call to me when I pass them in the market. “Take me home…” they say. No, it’s not the voices in my head. This time.


This lil’ drink is so easy your kids (or significant other) can make it. It takes a few minutes, and you’ll be a champion. It’s a refreshing sip of summer in a glass. Or a mason jar in my case.

It’s rustic. That means there’s actual food in there.

This ain’t no fake food. There’s real fruit in this drink. That means there’s things floating around in your glass like raspberry seeds and some lime pulp. If those floaters bug you, just filter them out (I will try and conceal my eye rolling). I have no time for such things so I just left them as is. I’d rather spend my time frolicking with the family outside. Or something.

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Raspberry Lime Spritzer
So easy, just a few minutes in the kitchen, and you've got summer sippin' in a glass.
Recipe type: Beverage
Serves: 4-6
  • 1 pint (or 2 cups) fresh raspberries
  • ½ - 1 cup sugar
  • 2-3 key limes per glass (or about 1 tablespoon lime juice)
  • One bottle sparkling water (about 25 ounces or so)
  • Ice
  • 4 pint sized jars or 16 oz. glasses
  1. Put your raspberries in the food processor and process until they are pureed, and as smooth as they can get with all those seeds.
  2. Pour raspberry puree in a small bowl, and add sugar. Stir and taste. Add more sugar if you like (I like mine on the less sweet side, but remember, this will be diluted.)
  3. Pour enough of the raspberry puree into each jar/glass to cover the bottom. Juice the key limes over a small sieve to catch the seeds (I did this right into the glass). Add the juice to the raspberry puree in your glass, and stir. Throw in the limes you just juiced. Yes, right into the glass.
  4. Add enough sparkling water to fill each glass half full.
  5. Add ice.
  6. Put a straw in and sip on your patio.
I threw the juiced limes into the glass after I juiced them. I'm funny like that.

You can certainly make this drink in a regular glass, about 16 ounces in size.

I used key limes because I found them at the store. Use regular if that's all you have. Fresh is best.


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