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Is Organic Better? {What I’m Reading}

I realize this is a heated subject for many. Nevertheless, I’m throwing the question out there, and for the record, I don’t have an answer.

Is Organic Better?

Confession: I don’t always buy organic. There, I said it. I stick with this general guideline when buying produce. I focus on fresh food, and the best quality ingredients I can find. When we (rarely) eat meat, I go buy this. That’s how I usually roll, and the whole organic/conventional thing fascinates me. Especially since I’m a “mostly plants” kinda girl, so it’s the major building block in my kitchen and on my plate.

Is organic better nutritionally? Maybe.

Is organic better? I honestly don’t know the answer, I’ll let the researchers, smart and passionate people figure these things out. I think this is a loaded question, sadly one very much related to social issues, income brackets, and other such things. I guess the answer is, “It’s complicated.”

I thought I would share this article about a huge study on the nutritional comparison between conventional and organic foods. Some say there’s no difference in nutrition between the two, but it looks like there just might be. It’s worth a read, and pondering thoughtfully.

So, IS organic better? Make your own decision. I did.

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