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More Plants, Less Moo: My Vegetarian-ish Plan

Eating real food, and the good stuff is a journey. One that has a turn every once in a while, like exploring becoming a vegetarian.

More Plants, Less Moo

You know what sucks? High cholesterol. You know what sucks more? Taking meds for it. Ugh. I don’t wanna do that!

Confession: My cholesterol was high last time I had it checked. Ick.

Good news: Last time I had it down (and in the right rations with good particles and such), I had cut out dairy. It works, kids.

But! The whole milk lattes!

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I get it. I want one. NOW. The thing is, I want to see my great grandkids more. Also, my son’s graduation and as much of his life as possible too. So, out with the dairy. Sorry cows, can we still be friends?

Here’s the honest truth #2: A lot of my family has died from heart disease and stroke. Um, no thanks. So, I can sit around and belly ache about it, or DO something.

Vegetarian? Kinda. More plants, less moo.

Essentially, I’m going mostly vegetarian. I’m cutting down on the meat, which honestly isn’t a huge stretch right now (I only like the good stuff anyway, so we eat less of it.) I’m also cutting out nearly all dairy. Back to hazelnut and almond milk for this girl. If that’s what it takes to live a healthy life, I’m all for it.

Will I never again eat cheese? Unlikely, but it won’t be a part of my everyday life. Occasional steak? Yes. Will I still be eating this occasionally? Yes. Thanksgiving turkey? YES. I’m looking for an 80/20 kinda thing… or 90/10. It’s an improvement and something I can do. So enough whining, and on with life.

I’ve done it before. 

I cut out dairy years ago, and it slowly crept back in. It’s not hard, so I don’t feel overwhelmed by it so much. I can do it, and if you’re thinking of doing it – you can too!

I’ll share what I learn. Duh.

First tip for going dairy free? Swap out the milk. You can bake and cook with unsweetened whatever nut milks. Honest. You can make things like this and this without much issue at all. Oatmeal? Soup? Lattes? Yes, yes, and yes.

Second dairy free tip: Get a good quality shortening or spread. You can bake with it and such.

But is it real food? 

To be honest? The real food side of me struggles with this. I couldn’t make make shortening or spread at home. The thing is – I can’t make cholesterol lowering meds at home either, but I can tell you which I prefer. Know what I’m saying? Ugh. So, in the spirit of maintaining unclogged arteries, I’ll go with that substitution. I’m not sold on the “fake meats”, which is just as well since they are mostly loaded with gluten. Gah!

So, will it make a difference? 

I’ll be sure and let you know. I’m looking at it (as I did with cutting out gluten) as an adventure. So, I’m packing my ever-so-cute bag, sporting some sunglasses and taking off. Wanna come? I’ve got granola and some righteous fruit salad. I may grab a soy latte on the way out…

My simple vegetarian-ish plan.

What I’ll be eating: Veggies, fruit, grains, fish, oils and a little ghee here and there

What won’t be eating (or only occasionally): Meat, poultry and dairy

Simple, right?

Will it work? We shall see!

Are you a vegetarian or have some dairy free tricks up your sleeve? I’d love to hear them. Please share in the comments.


Mary Rarick

I can’t wait to see how this works for you. Go, Brandie, go!

Brandie Kajino

Thanks! I’m feeling great so far.. we shall see! 🙂

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