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How to Make Salsa Verde

Ever wondered how to make Salsa Verde? No, not the chunky stuff that goes on a chip. This is the Italian version, and it’s easier than you think!

How To Make Salsa Verde

Have you made my Salsa Verde yet? You may have seen the recipe here, but let me show you how easy it really is. With just a few ingredients, you could make it for dinner tonight.

Join me in my kitchen, and let’s get cookin’! And don’t mind me while I try to figure out what shallots are related to, and what the food family is called. Hey, I’m a home cook, not a botanist!

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Need a recipe? I’ve got that too!

Salsa Verde Recipe


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Wow, what a cool recipe! Kind of like parsley pesto?? It does sound like it would be great on a grassfed steak!!!

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