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How to Make Pour Over Coffee

I suck at making coffee with a machine. Call me old-fashioned. Or dense. Simple is good for me, and believe it or not, sometimes the less technology the better. There’s less likelihood I’ll screw it up. Mostly.

How to Make Pour Over Coffee

Ever wondered how to make Pour Over Coffee? Or just wondering what it is?

I used to have a coffee maker. After many failed attempts at making coffee in it, I gave it away. We broke up. We’re both better off. I’ll admit, it was totally me, not the coffee maker.

I found a new love.

I found my make-coffee-at-home soul mate in Pour Over Coffee. It’s fancy coffee talk for “one cup of coffee at a time with a filter that sits on top of your cup”. It’s so simple, you might be amazed. And the coffee you drink is super fresh. Because you just made it. Right now. And also, now.

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So, how does one do this? It’s ohhhh so simple. Here, I’ll show you:

How To Make Pour Over Coffee

YouTube Preview Image

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Pour Over Coffee Supplies

In case I talked way to fast, or too low, or you just want to see it in writing, here’s how you do it:
How to Make Pour Over Coffee
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
This makes one 8-10 oz. cup of coffee.
Serves: 1
  1. Bring the water to "just" boiling.
  2. Put the filter into the dripper, place it over the cup, and saturate the filter with the boiling water. Let it drip into your cup, and then discard it. (See? Now your cup is warm too!)
  3. Put the coffee grounds into the filter, and pour enough water in to fill your cup. Let it drip into your cup.
  4. Drink.

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