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Lick-The-Mug-Worthy Hot Chocolate Recipes

I do love hot chocolate. It’s so simple and delicious to make at home. I found some recipes I’m dying to share with you. They look so tasty you might lick your mug clean. I’ll pretend it’s totally normal.

Lick-The-Mug-Worthy Hot Chocolate Recipes

Happy National Cocoa Day!

Did you know that today is National Cocoa Day? Yep, it sure is. So, I thought I’d celebrate by sharing some hot chocolate recipes that will make you want to lick your mug clean. Hey, I not only won’t judge, I’ll likely join you.

Best part is? I bet you have a lot of the ingredients listed in these recipes right now in your kitchen.

Coconut Rum Spiked S'More Hot Chocolate

Coconut Rum Spiked S’more Hot Chocolate
This is a recipe from my sweet friend, Marisa. Remember her from here and here? She’s way fun to hang with, and I LOVE this idea of Coconut Rum in the hot chocolate. Aloha!

How to Make Fancy-Ass Hot Chocolate
It might be the name. Or the cute mugs. Or that it’s topped with chocolate marshmallows and a spicy kick. Just go look at it already.

Eggnog Hot Chocolate
What?! Right? Must investigate.

French Style Hot Chocolate
This is one of the most interesting recipes I have seen. Now I simply MUST go to France (as if that wasn’t on the bucket list already).

Polar Express Hot Chocolate

Polar Express Hot Chocolate
This is a super simple recipe, I bet you’ve got what it takes to make it right now.

Nutella Hot Chocolate
Shut. UP. I’ve been dying to make this luscious hazelnut chocolate spread at home. This might get my food processor out of it’s dark recessed corner.

Delicious Hot Chocolate
Do you have some baking chips laying around? (I’m guess that’s a distinct possibility with all the holiday baking and such.) Then you can make this hot chocolate. And top it with a fat marshmallow she has a recipe link for.

Hot Chocolate
Simple and straightforward, and I’m sure darned delicious… as everything I’ve tried on her site is. If you like classic hot chocolate, then baby, this one is for you.

Euro Drinking Chocolate

Ok, clearly this picture isn’t going to win any photography awards, but what is in that cup will blow your mind. I mean, if YOU were looking at this cup, would YOU take the time to focus and such? Yeah, I thought not.

This is a “European style” drinking chocolate (different from the one linked above), much like this one….

Parisian Hot Chocolate
If you’ve not had drinking chocolate, you’ve not lived… or had hot chocolate so mindblowingly delicious you might just self implode. Or foodgasm. Whatever. Think liquid chocolate in a cup, and you’re close. *hyperventilates*

Homemade Hot Chocolate with Cinnamon

Hot Chocolate From Scratch
Lastly, have you tried MY hot chocolate recipe? Well, why not? It’s a cross between a drinking chocolate and a classic hot chocolate. Top it with a little sprinkle of cinnamon, and you’re one happy camper.

One Bonus Tip:
Need to chop all that chocolate? Here’s my easy tip to chop chocolate that won’t make a mess. Besides, we don’t have time for all that chopping piece by piece. There’s hot chocolate to drink!



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