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Setting the Table

Do you know how to set a table? Do your children know? Do you know which bread plate is yours at a formal dinner? Aw-kward…

Thanksgiving - It's Easier Than You Think

I sat down to a dinner, and had learned which way this all went. My friend, who teaches etiquette to grownups taught me which was my bread plate. (This was a huge relief as I sat down to this dinner.) I put the thick cloth napkin in my lap, and looked up to my left. The slightly cranky and self-righteous gentleman next to me was happily tearing into a piece of sourdough bread. On my bread plate. My slight confusion must have been plastered on my forehead, because he said, “It’s my plate!” Um, no sir, actually, it’s not. *sigh*

Has this happened at your Thanksgiving (or other holiday) table? Oy.

6.Set the table, and keep your bread plate.

So hey, remember: B-M-W: When in a formal dinner setting (or on a Thursday), remember this little tip (left to right): Bread, Meal, Water.

Wouldn’t it be nice to SEE the table settings before you sat down? Well, hey, this one’s for you. Forget about Uncle Ed (or cranky gentleman) stealing your bread plate anymore. I found this super helpful diagram of place settings of all kinds. As we eat with cloth napkins, and I’m encouraging my son to set the table, this might just go up in a conspicuous place in my dining room. Yeah, that’s how I roll.

Now, go claim your bread plate. And if your table mate isn’t with the program, point them here, sweets.

Like this lil’ diagram? Think Thanksgiving is hard? Au contraire dahling. Go check out my tips on making Thanksgiving easier.

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