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How To Peel An Apple

It’s the little things. Like peeling and slicing a pile of apples for pastry or just for a snack. How to peel an apple? Here’s an easy way you not have thought of.

How To Peel An Apple

I love, love, love baking.  Have you noticed yet?  I also love, love, love apples. Seriously. Apple Pie and crumbles are pretty regular around here.  Not every week, mind you, but a few times during the year.  My husband loves it, and it rarely lasts 4 days.  Making apple pie isn’t as complicated at some people think.  And, I use a few little tricks that make it easy to peel and slice the apples.

Too much work? Here’s the thing: sometimes we just go about doing things the way we’ve always done them. Learning it from someone a lifetime ago, and never really giving it much thought. Oh sure, the old way got the the job done, but sometimes there’s an easier way. This is it, sweetie.

How to peel an apple

Peeling apples

You don’t need a fancy crank apple peeler (although if I find one at an antique sale I’m snapping it up!).  I use a regular ol’ vegetable peeler. I usually take the top off, and then peel it off in strips from the top of the apple to the bottom.  Think of planks on a wine barrel.  Get the idea?

(Please ignore my heavily neglected dry cutting board. Hey, I’m a busy girl, and I promise to get that thing looking better soon!)

Slicing Apples

Bonus Tip! How to slice those freshly peeled apples

Then, I took a hint from a chef friend of mine to cut it into pieces.  Starting like this: turn the apple upside down and slice of one side and then the other…

Coring Apples

Then, slice off the other two ends.

Slicing Apples

Now, get rid of the core (or think of something creative to do with it… then tell me cuz I’m fresh out of ideas), and slice your apple.

Look at that! Now, put it in an apple pie, crumble, or just eat the darned thing. See how easy that was?  Now, you try it!  🙂


melissa @ the inspired room

you are so clever! happy night! hope you are bundling up for some snow. dreaming there will be some!wish you were coming to blissdom!xo


Perfect! Just what I was looking for. 😉

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