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How To Organize Your Freezer: 4 Simple Steps

This year, we got an extra small freezer. Yesterday, it was out of control, and I couldn’t take it anymore. So I did something about it.

How To Organize Your Freezer

I was so very thrilled when I got my new freezer. I could participate in a meat CSA! Buy things from Costco and have a place to put them! Preserve summer veggies! Make freezer jam! Yippee!!!!

Then, it became this…

This is Freezer Madness

THIS is not what I envisioned. Digging around in there, trying to find things. All that food in there, not knowing what is in it… and the list of first world grievances go on.

If you have this same issue, it’s a whole lot easier than you think to make your freezer work for you. Here’s how you do it (and try not to be too impressed with my camera phone pictures):

How to Organize Your Freezer:

What you’ll need:

Cooler (1-3 is good)
Stackable bins (be sure to MEASURE first!)

1. Sort & Consolidate

Sort & Consolidate

First order of business, is to sort through what you have. The old stuff, the (ahem) expired stuff, the freezer burned items, and so on. Be ruthless! Use coolers to keep at least the meats cold (food poisoning = no thank you). Then…

2. Group

Group Freezer Items

As you’re sorting, start putting similar items together. Think of this as your own personal grocery store, and arrange it in groups that make sense to you – like sections of a store.

It’s worth noting here, that I got those white bins ahead of time. I measured the inside of the freezer, and bought boxes that would fit perfectly inside, stacking on top of on another. WIN.

This the ONLY time I’ve purchased containers ahead of time, because I had a finite amount of space to work with. Otherwise, I would have sorted, grouped, determined storage needs, and THEN gone shopping. Make sense?

3. Take Inventory

Take Inventory of the Freezer

After you’ve sorted out all the items that just HAVE to go, and you’re left with what you’re keeping, it’s time to take inventory. I used a dry erase board, with every intention of keeping it on the wall when the project was finished. Plus, since I could NOT spell the work “stock” to save my life during all this, an erasable surface worked in my favor. *sigh*

Tip: Treat your freezer like another pantry.

4. Map It Out

Map the Freezer Storage

This is SUPER important. BEYOND important. Unless you enjoy frost-bitten fingers while you’re digging through all your freezer items. No.Thank.You. This is also handy when you want to send a kidlet, spouse, or other willing soul out to get something. “Yes, it’s in the Baking box… just look at the map on the board.” Right?!

Well, that’s how you do it. Not as hard as you thought? In all, work fast, or have an army of coolers to hold all your stuff. I did this in the winter, so it was migh.ty chilly in the garage – which was strangely helpful. It took me about 60-90 minutes.

Now, go spread the organized freezer love… and USE that food in there already!

Do you have an freezer organization tip? Please share it in a comment. Mwah!

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