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Homemade Valentine

This week, many in the world are preparing to “wow” their loved ones with chocolate, flowers, or other tokens of affection. It’s good times for those on the receiving end. Mmmmm…. truffles….

This year, why not do something different? If you’re so inclined (and I promise it’s easier than you think), make something with your very own hands. Homemade is the new black, sweetheart.

If you’re stuck for ideas, try one of these five sweets. Don that apron and get ready for a night in. It’s Valentine’s Day baby, so pucker up!

Homemade Valentine

Chocolate Raspberry Parfait
An easy start to the day, a little on the lighter side, and simple to do. Also a luscious dessert, by adding a splash of Chambord (raspberry liquor), sending this over the top.

Chocolate Chip Waffle Cookies
Use your favorite chocolate chip (or oatmeal chocolate chip) recipe, and make cookies on the waffle iron. One bowl to mix (using that lil’ recipe above) and no cookie pans to wash. (Also easy for the kiddos to help with.)

Hot Chocolate
You don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day for this one. I make it a regular ol’ Tuesday. This is more like drinking liquid chocolate. Add a splash of hazelnut or coffee liquor to add a little something special.

Chocolate Cake
This is a classic, only I updated it a bit with some ingredients I feel better about. Don’t worry, it’s still delicious. (This recipe also works well if you’re taking it to a picnic or giving it away. Split it into two square pans, bake, cool, frost, cover, and take it with you.)

Chocolate Martini
Great for a one person celebration, or a virtual “meetup” for those with a loved one in the military or abroad.

Reine De Saba & Glacage Au Chocolate (Chocolate Almond Cake)
This is a showstopper. It takes time, but it’s sooooo worth it. Thanks Julia Child!

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