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8 Homemade Food Gifts

Buying gifts is great, but sometimes you want to get your hands dirty and make something. If you’re stumped for ideas, try one of these eight homemade food gifts you can make your very own kitchen. Bonus: the recipient can eat them! Or drink them. You get the idea.

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(Links to recipes are below the video.)

8 Homemade Food Gifts

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Honey Simple Syrup
Jame & Pickles – A link to some favorites of mine. Pomona’s Universal Pectin is my favorite
How To Roast Coffee At Home
Easy Homemade Vanilla Extract
How To Make Homemade Granola
S’mores Kit – Just need a cute box, marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers.
Gluten-Free Pumpkin Bread with Eggnog Glaze

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