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Fruit Salad & The Somewhat Unhelpful Suggestion

Summer is closing in, and there are days I want to just be in the sun. And not over a stove. I like a simple salad, and nothing is easier than fruit salad.

Fruit Salad

My son graduated from fifth grade this week. It’s a weird thing, one that makes life feel like a fast moving train. Look out the window once in a while parents, cuz your kiddos childhood is flying by. *Whoosh!*

Along with fifth grade comes a “celebration” picnic in the park. Screaming kids (apparently 11 year olds are still alllll about the playground), food enough to feed two small armies, and parents giggling and reminiscing about the last 5 years. We were lucky to have an awesome sunny day (I have the sunburned shoulders to prove it.)

All the parental units were asked to bring something to the party if they were coming. So, I signed up for a salad. When I asked my son what kind of salad I should bring, our conversation went like this:

Him: “Donuts.”
Me: “Um, that’s not a salad.”
Him: (giggle)
Me: “No really, what kind of salad should I bring.”
Him: “Wine Cake?”
Me: (blank stare)

Thank you, you’ve been very unhelpful.

Clearly we have work to do on what a “salad” is. With this less than helpful information, I did what every parent does: I made up his mind for him. I settled on fruit salad.

The thing is, have you had fruit salad with oranges or bananas in it? Yeah, me too. I love those fruits individually, but NOT in a salad. Oranges taint the entire salad, making it taste like “orange salad that looks like it should taste like other fruit”. Bananas turn into brown goo. Um, no.

And then, there was genius.

One other peeve is chasing those round grapes around my plate, hoping I won’t launch one of them across the table. I mean, really! There must be a better way.

The genius tip I found about cutting grapes in half from this perky gal. Those halved grapes have a realllllly hard time rolling around. Yes, this seems like a lot of work, but it’s SO worth it. For reals.

So, if you’ve got a picnic to go to, or just like spoonfuls of fruit (who doesn’t?), give this salad a try!

Click to get the recipe


Brandie Kajino

Thanks! Let me know if you try it, and how it goes. 🙂

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