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Easy Thanksgiving Morning Breakfast

The turkey is brined, the dressing is prepped, pies are baked, and the meal is underway. Then there’s the guests and those living in the house who need to eat breakfast. And maybe the cook. Ya know, so we don’t pass out from hunger and exhaustion.

So, what do we make on the morning of the big turkey day?

Thanksgiving - It's Easier Than You Think

7. Keep breakfast simple.

Let’s be real: Keep it simple, and don’t try to be a superhero, K? Get the troops fed, occupied and not revolting or being underfoot. Buy what you can, things which can survive room temperatures and don’t need a lot of tending. Better yet, put someone in charge.

But seriously, what do we put out for breakfast?! Here’s some ideas:

Pastries or assorted bread: Bagels and cream cheese, croissants, whole grain breads or lighter crackers with various spreads like fruit preserves, jam or peanut butter (remember, room temperature tolerant stuff here, as we don’t want to start the day with food poisoning).

Oatmeal - Easy Breakfast

Oatmeal: Put some steel cut oats in the slow cooker and set that baby out with dried fruits, nuts, maple syrup and some milk in a carafe. Nutritious and easy for people to help themselves.

Nuts & dried fruits: Room temperature is easy (see a theme here?), and various kinds look gorgeous in little bowls.

Fresh Fruit: Whole fruit is good – easy to set out, and carry around. It’s also an easy snack for little ones to grab.

Fresh apples

Granola and yogurt: Fill mason jars with yogurt and top with granola and a lid. Put ice in a small bucket and put those bad boys in there. Top with fruit preserves, maple syrup or fresh seasonal fruit like pears.

Coffee, tea or hot chocolate: Set out the tea bags, carafe of hot water and the coffee maker. Maple syrup is a great sweetener (unprocessed!), and other sweeteners also will hold out on a buffet.

Coffee or hot chocolate
Think Thanksgiving is hard? Au contraire dahling. Go check out my tips on making Thanksgiving easier.



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Great breakfast ideas!

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