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Chocolate Good Enough to Drink

So, today is 12/12/12, and Hot Cocoa Day is actually tomorrow. However, I’m rolling with it today. Come on, don’t you want hot cocoa every day? Ahem…

Of course I have my own hot chocolate recipe, and some others I dream of trying. Hot cocoa (chocolate, whatever) is a funny thing. I personally like mine about the consistency of liquid chocolate. But kids, that means I only drink about 4-6 ounces. It’s no gigantor cup. Because then I would be sick. And as big as a house. Too much of even a (really) good thing is just too much. If you’re only drinking the good stuff, you won’t need to drink a lot of it to be satisfied. It’s that good, baby.

Chocolate to drink

There are so many talented and passionate chocolatiers (aka “people who make, work and create with chocolate”). I think a thick cup of molten liquid chocolate starts with a quality bar. So, I submit my favorites in case you’re feeling the need to get out there and make some. They really are chocolates good enough to drink.

First, the somewhat readily available (like your local grocery store in Most Anytown, Anywhere, or online):

Guittard (I just discovered these discs (aka “wafers”)! Easier to melt, no chopping required.)

Now my local stuff: Shout out to my local chocolatiers:

Woodblock (Bean to bar, people! Meaning, they grind it and make it. I need to visit!)
Moonstruck Chocolate
Alma Chocolate
Sahagun Chocolates

(Also, send me some, K?)

Yes, there are others, and I won’t shun you if you use something else. Though I might if you go with crummy powdered packets you can get by the truckload. Sure, those packets have their place, but I use them as a last resort. Good things take time and effort (tip: an easy way to chop chocolate). You see, hot chocolate (cocoa) is special. It’s not an everyday food, right? Right?! So, let’s drink the good stuff. To do that, you have to start with the good stuff. There’s a theme here, get it?

So hey, tonight, tomorrow, next week or right now, break out the good chocolate. Share it with a friend or loved one, or keep it all to yourself. Make it special with whipped cream, a big fat marshmallow (handmade, possibly sold next to above awesome chocolates) or a splash of Chambord. Because not everyday is Hot Cocoa Day.

Looking for a good hot cocoa recipe? Try mine, but also check out the Food Blog Search too!

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