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Brandie Kajino, Spoon And Saucer

Hi there, I’m Brandie. This site is a collection of recipes and tips to help you in the kitchen. I’m not adding a lot of new content these days, due to a health issue. You can read more of my thoughts on that subject here. There’s lots to read here, so please enjoy Spoon & Saucer!

I love to eat, cook, and learn about ways to make good food. Then I teach others how to do it.

I’ve had other adventures, and the heart of what I’m good at is helping people find good stuff that helps them. I’ve always been that person people come to when they need information. It lights me up to see someone make their own cranberry sauce for the first time, or discover that making a pie crust from scratch is not the feat they thought it was. This is bliss. I’m crazy that way.

Real life happens around the table.

The kitchen and the dining room table are the places we turn to for comfort. We live, cry, celebrate, laugh, mourn, and process in the kitchen. We raise children, make friends, talk about life, teach, tease, cajole, learn and experience life through conversations and interaction centered around food. Hopefully it’s the good stuff.

So much of life is shared around the table, and we find connection with each other over delectable chocolate cake and coffee. It’s how we share the human experience. Dust off any cookbook in your collection, and I guarantee you the author has more to share than lists of recipes and notes of preparation. They are sharing their soul, their experiences and their stories. (If you’re lucky, they’ll make you laugh.) My Persimmon Cookie recipe means something to me. You probably have a recipe in your collection that holds memories to you.

Why “Spoon & Saucer”?

The “spoon” represents a wooden spoon my mother gave me when I ventured out on my own as a young adult. It’s worn on one side, from stirring jam and sauces. I still use it everytime I make a batch of jam. It connects me to the past, reminding me of where I came from.

The “saucer” has double meaning. I spent a year abroad in Japan as a high school senior. In one of my host families, we had afternoon tea every day. I have vivid memories of that year, and the designer cup and saucer I still possess today was the very same one I used all those years ago. It connects me to a very important period in my life that changed my outlook on the world at a very young age. (That’s the actual cup to the right.)

The second meaning of “saucer” is some advice I received from a friend:

“Only give from the saucer.”

I tend to overgive and burn out. I try to keep in mind that when the cup is empty, I’m not doing anyone any good. It’s a good reminder to only give from the extra abundance we have in life.

It had to start somewhere.

I started a food blog back on 2008, as a personal “thing”. I wanted a place to share recipes, and I hope to one day write a book (it’s on my bucket list.) I figured it was time to start making that happen in a tangible way. So, I started my personal food blog, “Joy of the Kitchen”. This blog is the more “grown up” version of that now disconnected site. You’ll find some recipes shipped over from that site, and revamped a bit.

What the real heart of the matter is.

At it’s essence, this blog is about good food, and what happens around the table. Stuff your great grandmother would recognize as things you’d put in your mouth. We’re all busy, but real, delicious food isn’t difficult. I bet you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to make things from scratch (like pie dough.) Let me show you that good food doesn’t have to be difficult, overly complicated, or pretentious. Trust me. Once you try it, you might never go back to that heavily marketed fake food chemical experiment, because you won’t need it anymore.

One more thing, sweet pea… Manners, please.

I’m all about sharing thoughts, comments, critiques and ideas on recipes and posts here on the site. If you’re new to commenting on blogs (and even if you’re not), please think of this site as my dining room. I welcome conversation, but not bad manners. If you wouldn’t say it at the dinner table in my home, it’s probably not a good idea here either. Comments like that aren’t cool, so if your mama wouldn’t approve, I won’t be publishing your comment (kinda like I’d invite a person to leave my home if they got too rude.) Cool? Ok then.

I hope you enjoy reading my lil’ site. I’d love to hear from you, so feel free to share a comment or get in touch here.