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Latest Find: Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

So this is my newest favoritest product I just came across today. Delicious and WAY lower in sugar than, ahem, another we-won’t-say-its-name product. And yes, just as tasty! Oh, and there’s no GMOs, yucky chemicals, preservatives or otherwise unrecognizable “food-like substances” to get in the way of its eat-it-by-the-spoonful chocolately smoothness.

Hands off! This one’s all mine. Go get your own.

Justin's Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

Quiche Lorraine Recipe or “Cream & Bacon Quiche” (#CookForJulia #SundaySupper)


For me, it conjured up fear and trembling in my home kitchen, and a “yes please” when seen on a bistro menu. It’s a treat I engage in occasionally, but had never made at home. I was a-scared, kids, I’ll admit it. But when the #SundaySupper group decided to do a tribute to Julia Child, I raised my hand like an anxious schoolgirl with the right answer. Hey, what could happen? I’m happy to say, I not only surprised myself, but even got a “Mom, this is the BEST breakfast for dinner EVER.”
Oh Julia, thank you so much. {contented sigh}
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